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Statewide Marketing and Advertising Solutions

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Are you looking to target specific states and establish a strong regional presence?


Our By States Marketing services for websites are precisely designed to help you penetrate regional markets, connect with local customers and drive remarkable growth in specific states.


Here's why our services are the perfect choice for your business:

Deep Regional Understanding: We have an in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics, demographics, and consumer behaviors within specific states. Our team conducts thorough research to identify key target markets, competition, and market trends within each state. This knowledge allows us to develop highly tailored strategies that resonate with the local audience and give you a competitive advantage.

State-Specific SEO Mastery: We specialize in state-specific search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that your website ranks prominently in search results within targeted states. By optimizing your website for location-based keywords and implementing localized SEO strategies, we help increase your online visibility, attract targeted traffic, and dominate the search engine rankings in specific states.

Targeted State Advertising: Our by states marketing services include highly targeted advertising campaigns that focus on specific states or regions. We leverage advanced targeting options to reach your ideal audience within those states, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising budget and generating high-quality leads from specific regions.


Regional Brand Building: We focus on building a strong regional brand presence for your business. Our team crafts messaging and marketing strategies that align with the unique characteristics and preferences of each state. Through region-specific content creation, localized social media engagement, and partnerships with regional influencers or organizations, we elevate your brand visibility, enhance brand awareness, and establish your business as a go-to provider in specific states.


Localized Content and Marketing: We create region-specific content and marketing campaigns that resonate with the local audience within targeted states. By tailoring your messaging, promotions, and offers to specific regional preferences and cultural nuances, we ensure maximum engagement and higher conversion rates. This localized approach helps you build meaningful connections with customers in specific states, fostering loyalty and driving sales.


Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting: We provide detailed reports on the performance of your by states marketing campaigns. Our analytics allow you to track key metrics, measure the success of your initiatives in specific states, and make data-driven decisions to continuously optimize your marketing strategies and drive better results.


Dedicated Regional Experts: When you choose our By States Marketing services, you gain access to a dedicated team of regional marketing professionals. They possess the expertise and insights necessary to develop tailored strategies that align with the unique needs and characteristics of specific states. Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and delivers exceptional results, helping you establish a dominant regional presence.

Tap into regional markets, connect with local customers, and drive growth in specific states. Contact us today to partner with our experienced team and embark on a journey of regional success and expansion!

Statewide Marketing & Advertising Targets


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Statewide Industries We Serve

Statewide Medical Marketing
  • Statewide Hospital Networks
  • State Department of Health Services
  • Statewide Health Insurance Providers
  • Large Healthcare Systems
  • Statewide Medical Universities and Teaching Hospitals
  • Statewide Community Health Clinics
  • Statewide Telemedicine Services
  • Statewide Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services
  • Statewide Blood Banks and Blood Donation Services
  • Statewide Mental Health Initiatives
  • Statewide Cancer Centers
  • Statewide Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Programs
  • Statewide Maternal and Child Health Programs
  • Statewide Substance Abuse Treatment Services
  • Statewide Aging and Senior Care Services
  • Statewide Organ Transplant Networks
  • Statewide HIV/AIDS Awareness and Care Programs
  • Statewide Public Health Campaigns
  • Statewide Health Information Exchanges
  • Statewide Hospice and Palliative Care Services
  • Statewide Rehabilitation and Therapy Centers
  • Statewide Dental Health Initiatives
  • Statewide Vision and Eye Care Programs
  • Statewide Cardiovascular Health Programs
  • Statewide Rural Healthcare Outreach Programs
Statewide Marketing
  • Statewide Tourism and Travel Agencies
  • Statewide Agriculture and Farmers Markets
  • Statewide Craft Breweries and Distilleries
  • Statewide Real Estate Agencies
  • Statewide Local Retail and Boutiques
  • Statewide Restaurants and Food Services
  • Statewide Fitness and Wellness Centers
  • Statewide Entertainment and Events
  • Statewide Educational Institutions and Schools
  • Statewide Financial Services and Banks
  • Statewide Home Improvement and Renovation Services
  • Statewide Automotive Dealerships and Services
  • Statewide Nonprofit Organizations
  • Statewide Technology and IT Services
  • Statewide Professional Services (e.g., lawyers, accountants)
  • Statewide Home Services (e.g., plumbers, electricians)
  • Statewide Sporting Goods and Outdoor Activities
  • Statewide Beauty and Personal Care Services
  • Statewide Pet Care Services
  • Statewide Environmental and Green Initiatives
  • Statewide Transportation Services (e.g., taxis, rideshares)
  • Statewide Media and Advertising Companies
  • Statewide Childcare and Daycare Services
  • Statewide Local Government and Municipal Services
  • Statewide Art and Cultural Organizations

Marketing services are crucial for these statewide industries to create brand awareness, attract local customers, and maintain a competitive edge within the state's market. Marketing strategies may include digital marketing, social media management, content creation, local advertising campaigns, community engagement, and event promotions to reach and connect with the diverse population within the specific state they operate. Effective marketing can help these statewide businesses grow their customer base, foster customer loyalty, and thrive within their respective states.

When it comes to statewide marketing, the choice between Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Yelp Ads will depend on your specific goals and target audience. Here are the pros and cons of each platform for statewide marketing:

Google ads.jpg

Google Ads


  1. Wide Reach: Google is a highly popular search engine, and Google Ads can help you reach a broad statewide audience.

  2. Keyword Targeting: You can use keywords to target users actively searching for products or services related to your business.

  3. Local Extensions: Google Ads allows you to use location extensions, which can help promote your physical locations within the state.

  4. Budget Control: You have control over your budget, and you can set specific geographic targeting to focus on the entire state.


  • Competition: High competition for popular statewide keywords can lead to higher costs per click.

  • Management Complexity: Managing a statewide Google Ads campaign can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you have a large service area.

facebook ads.png

Facebook Ads


  1. Audience Targeting: Facebook's detailed targeting options allow you to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors within the state.

  2. Visual Content: You can use visually engaging ads, including images and videos, to capture users' attention.

  3. Local Awareness Ads: Facebook offers local awareness ads designed to target users in specific geographic areas.

  4. Retargeting: You can retarget users who have previously engaged with your brand or website.


  • Ad Fatigue: Frequent ad exposure to the same audience can lead to ad fatigue.

  • Privacy Concerns: Facebook's handling of user data may raise privacy concerns among some users.

Yelp ads.png

Yelp Ads


  1. Local Focus: Yelp is focused on local businesses, making it suitable for statewide marketing efforts.

  2. Review Integration: Your ads can feature Yelp reviews, which can enhance credibility and trust.

  3. Mobile Presence: Yelp is a popular mobile app, allowing you to reach users on the go.


  • Limited Reach: Yelp's user base may be smaller compared to Google and Facebook.

  • Costs: Advertising on Yelp can be expensive, especially for statewide campaigns.

  • Negative Reviews: If your business has negative Yelp reviews, they may be prominently displayed alongside your ads.

  • Limited Ad Formats: Yelp's ad platform may offer fewer ad format options compared to Google and Facebook.

The choice between Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Yelp Ads for statewide marketing depends on your specific objectives and budget. Google Ads can provide broad reach and targeted keyword advertising, while Facebook Ads offer detailed audience targeting and visual content options. Yelp Ads are focused on local businesses and can be effective if you have a strong presence on the platform. 

Suggestion for Statewide Marketing & Advertising Websites

First thing L2uMA does with any Digital Property is make sure its WCAG 2.1 AA, ADA & Section 508 compliant.

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