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Wellness Marketing & Advertising

Marketing for Wellness Services and Wellbeing Solution Providers

L2uMA's Wellness marketing & advertising strategies include digital marketing, traditional marketing, social media, radio ads and TV ads but what sets us apart from everyone else is finding and enabling the untapped resources that encourage new customers to call, set up appointments and want your product or service.

We deliver measurable improvements, enhance customer engagement, streamline your front office and grow your business.

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving. 

Wellness industry encompasses all activities which promote physical and mental wellbeing: from yoga to healthy eating, personal care and beauty, nutrition and weight-loss, meditation, spa retreats, workplace wellness and wellness tourism.

Our Wellness Marketing services and prices are based on the complexity of the campaign.
"No one size fits all"

Wellness Industries

Senior Therapy
  • Acupuncturist

  • Age-Tech (AgeTech)

  • Herbalist

  • Holistic Health Counselor

  • Massage Therapist

  • Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists

  • Personal Chef

  • Personal Trainer

  • Spas 

  • Weight Loss

  • Wellness Coach / Trainer / Consultant

  • Wellness Real Estate 

  • Wellness Tourism 

  • Workplace Wellness 

  • Yoga

Light and Shadow Portrait
Yoga Class for all Ages
Open Oven

Wellness Marketing & Advertising Types

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